PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett

Comparing What We Know So Far

After first discussing it earlier in the year, Sony has formally declared the PlayStation 5 and confirmed more of the next-gen console’s specs. With those details confirmed, we can start diving to the differences and similarities between the next-gen Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation. Granted, we don’t have enough to Provide a comparison between Project Scarlett And the PS5, however, we could start with what Sony and Microsoft have given us. We’ll continue to update this as the businesses reveal more about their next-gen systems because their 2020 launch dates approach.

In the next article, we dip into Similarities and The differences between Microsoft and Sony’s respective next-gen consoles. They have demonstrated specific specifications for their respective consoles, as well as what those figures translate into at a performance sense though both companies are keeping details near the torso. In reaction to the expanding market of gamers that are buying games both firms have laid out storage will work on their next-gen consoles also. We go into everything, and more, below.


Sony is the only one of The two to declare its own next-gen console’s name. And surprising no one–it’s PS5 for short, or PlayStation 5.

Microsoft Refers as Project Scarlett to its games console. For convenience’s sake, we’re likely to refer to Scarlett for brief, or the console like Xbox Scarlett.

Release Date

Both Consoles are now scheduled to release within precisely the window. Like the Xbox One and PS4 before them, Scarlett and PS5 will probably be going throughout the shopping window inside the exact same year. If you are thinking about purchasing both, you may choose to begin saving now.


There’s Like just how much each one is going to cost a whole lot about the specifications of each console which we do not understand yet. We have enough to begin assessing Scarlett and the PS5 . Both consoles are different as you’ll see below. Both support ray-tracing, for example, that will allow them to simulate light in games.

PlayStation 5 Xbox Scarlett

Processor 8-Core AMD Ryzen Disposition 2 CPU 1.6GHz AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU

Pictures AMD Radeon Navi GPU AMD Arcturus GPU

RAM anonymous 16GB GDDR6 SDRAM

Storage SSD 1TB SSD

Optical Drive Yes (4K Blu-ray) Yes

Max Output Resolution 8K 8K

Max Frame Rate 120fps 120fps

VR Service Yes anonymous

Cloud Gambling PlayStation Now (unconfirmed) Microsoft xCloud (unconfirmed)

Backwards Compatibility Yes (PS4 games) Yes (Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One matches )

Dimensions unknown unknown

Color unknown unknown

Release Date Holiday 2020 Holiday 2020


Regardless Of that console you go for, you are getting an upgrade. While the PS5 sees a similar improvement within the PS4 Pro , the specs of scarlett indicate a console than the Xbox One X.


The two The PS5 and scarlett are currently utilizing solid-state drives, or SSDs, this time around. PlayStation 5 consumers should see a noticeable improvement in the time it takes to get a game to load to the PS4 as a outcome the next-gen console compared. The same goes for Xbox Scarlett in comparison with Xbox One, which Microsoft already confirmed at E3 2019; however by how much has yet to be announced. Nevertheless, results will vary by sport.

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Online Service

Neither Microsoft nor Sony have declared how multiplayer will work on their consoles, but it wouldn’t be surprising to observe the two PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold create their return. Considering its success, it’s also likely that Xbox Game Pass will probably return on Scarlett.

The Key difference this time around will probably be with Google entering the fray in November 2019 with Stadia cloud-streaming, which has picked up in recent months. Microsoft has Project xCloud, which will probably make its way. Sony has a service, PlayStation Now, which presumably would be supported to some capacity on PS5.

Backwards Compatibility

The two PS5 and scarlett will have backward compatibility support. Scarlett will support backward compatibility with original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games. What will and will not be playable on PS5 is a little more tricky, largely due to PSVR. Sony has not announced if their next-gen console will encourage the current-gen headsetwhich is mandatory for enjoying certain PS4 games console exclusives, such as Conquer Saber.

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Playable Games At Launching

Sony Has yet to declare any launch titles for PS5, but we do know Bluepoint Games, the studio behind the Uncharted and Shadow of the Colossus remasters, is operating on “a big one” Microsoft has revealed only one for Scarlett: Halo Infinite.

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