Sega Sonic 2020 Initiative Will Bring New Sonic Details

The 20th of every month throughout all of 2020, as they prepare for the series’ big anniversary next year.

This specific announcement functions as the new information drop for your 20th of the current month- there’s no telling what Sega could be eager say or to show.

Following Sonic Mania at 2017, Sonic fans Might Have Sega also said there will be various events to keep on an eye Through the year, so it will be curious to see what they have in store.

Allowed themselves to trust that the series could be delivering great games with increased frequency going forward, but the blue hedgehog hasn’t actually taken to the spotlight too (or as much) as we had believed him would.

Nonetheless, 2021 is going to be a major year for Sonic, what with it being the house’s 30th anniversary next year- and Sony will soon be contributing up to it in fashion.

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