Platinum Games Wants To Make A Wonderful 101 Sequel

Before launching the Exceptionally successful Beautiful 101 Kickstarter Effort , PlatinumGames’ Studio Head Atsushi Inaba and Director Hideki Kamiya sat to Discuss the remaster.

Regrettably, in its first launch, Beautiful 101 did not Market in addition to PlatinumGames would have desired, probably because of being exclusive to Nintendo’s comparatively unpopular Wii U.

Certainly some of exactly what the programmers have planned for this show is currently making its way to The Beautiful 101: Remastered during the new content coming into the brand new launch, now known as Luka’s Initial Mission.

With any luck, the true launching of The Beautiful 101: Remastered will be powerful enough to make the method to get a further chain of names in precisely the exact same universe.

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